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Marijuana Facts
Last Updated 9/9/01

Welcome to Marijuana Facts Page, this page was included to take a more serious look at our favorite herb.
The most active ingredient in marijuana among the other 400 chemicals is THC or
Buds and flowering tops of female plants contain anywhere from 7% to 25% of THC, these buds and flowering tops are known as sinsemilla.
Average marijuana is known to contain approximately 3% of THC.
The sticky resin thats come from the female plant flowers, contains aproximately 2% to 8% of THC, but this resin can contain as much as 20%. This sticky resin is known as hashish.
Hash is more like a tar-like liquid that has been distilled from hashish. Hash is known to contain between 15% and 50% THC. This juicy stuff has can contain even as much as 70% THC
as taken from NIDA 1996 Archive Index.
       "Within a few minutes of inhaling marijuana smoke, users likely experience dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, some loss of coordination and poor sense of balance, and slower reaction times, along with intoxication. Blood vessels in the eye expand. For some people, marijuana raises blood pressure slightly and can double the normal heart rate. This effect can be greater when other drugs are mixed with marijuana. Research also has documented the following chronic or long-term effects of marijuana use."
           "Effects on the Brain: THC suppresses the neurons in the information-processing system of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with emotions and motivation. Researchers have discovered that learned behaviors, which depend on the hippocampus, deteriorate after chronic exposure to THC. Chronic abuse of marijuana also is associated with impaired attention and memory, while prenatal exposure to marijuana is associated with impaired verbal reasoning and memory in preschool children. Of possible relevance are findings from animal studies showing that chronic exposure to THC damages and destroys nerve cells and causes other pathological changes in the hippocampus."
               Thats so funny, but you get the idea right?